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Nothing impresses quite like the rich hues of mahogany—and now you can have a mahogany version of all your favorite collectibles, keepsakes, and memorabilia! Owner Santiago Mercado's inventory includes a truly impressive selection of wooden products and models, from fire trucks to helicopters and everything in between. Only the best mahogany products in Wilbraham, MA, with meticulous craftsmanship are allowed in his shop.

Take your interior design to a new level with Santiago’s selection of mahogany wooden products. His store features a variety of items that are designed and crafted with care. These items are meant to be displayed proudly and are sure to be conversation starters among your guests and loved ones. Santiago’s wooden items are works of art, and they feature the aesthetic of classic hardwood.

Santiago’s wooden sculptures are perfect as gifts, keepsakes, and display pieces. The subject matter varies, and his inventory includes items such as vehicles, aircraft, and ships. Stylized versions of firearms are also available. No matter what your preferences, you are sure to find a beautiful addition to your art collection when you order from Santiago’s store.

Sleek Vehicles Crafted in Wood

People probably think about furniture and home décor when they hear the word mahogany. However, this beautiful and durable wood is versatile enough for a variety of applications. In addition to his other distinctive items, Santiago provides fine wooden cars. His selection includes unique replica vehicles for you to collect or present to others as gifts, made by craftspeople using mahogany.

Selecting pieces from Santiago's inventory is a wise choice because of their quality. Each piece features the attention to detail that you want in a collectible. From bumper to bumper, these pieces reflect the uniqueness of the full-size vehicles they represent. Adding one of these wooden cars to your collection will make it more distinctive and more valuable than ever.

 Quality That Lasts

When it comes to artistic choices, mahogany wood is the ideal medium for collectibles. It is hard, so artisans can use it to make memorabilia and collectibles that will last a long time. They can also enhance each piece with paint that retains its appearance over the years. These are the types of wooden cars that enhance Santiago's selection and the vehicles that have helped him earn a reputation for quality products. 

To check out his complete selection of hand-crafted mahogany products, visit Santiago's online store.

  • Musical Instruments
  • Automobiles
  • Aircrafts
  • Helicopters
  • Military Plaques
  • Submarines & Tanks
  • Weapons
  • Miscellaneous

Online Shopping for Your Convenience

Enjoy the beauty and timelessness of mahogany wood when you order from the comfort of your home. Santiago’s business began as a humble stand at local fairs, malls, and flea markets throughout Wilbraham and the surrounding areas. His enterprise has since expanded, and he is proud to offer many of his finely crafted products online.

Santiago’s store includes an impressive inventory of mahogany wooden products. When shopping online, you can explore your options and place an order conveniently. The store ships throughout New England and the Eastern Seaboard.

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